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School Building for Sale

Want to buy a school near Granite Falls? The Renville County West District needs someone to buy and re-develop one of its old school buildings.

The district put an ad for a school building in Sacred Heart, Minnesota on eBay.

The building used to house Sacred Heart School, a K-12 school. Then, a few years ago, the district converted it into Renville County West Elementary School.

Last year, the district closed the building and moved all the students to schools in Renville. It's still used for after school activities and to house equipment.

The building is 80,000 square feet and is equipped with everything a school needs, including two gyms and a cafeteria.

Superintendent Lance Bagstad says the district hopes to get at least $50,000 for the building. It also hopes to lease space back from the new owners so it can still use it for after-school activities.

Most importantly, Bagstad says he hopes the new owners will preserve the nature of the building and redevelop it so the community can enjoy it.

Anyone who wants to put an offer on the school must go through the district.

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