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Can Cows Predict the Weather?
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June is National Dairy Month and has been since 1937.  With today being the first day of June, it only seems fitting to take a moment and thank our dairy producing cow friends.  But can cows do more than produce milk? As my husband and I were on our way to his parent’s cabin this past weekend, we came across a bunch of lazy cows lying in the grass. 

“Oh, rain is coming.  The cows are lying down,” I said.

Surrounded by a cloudless sky, my husband, obviously amused, responded, “hmm, interesting....you said that last time about the same cows, and you were right. Where did you hear that anyway?”

I don’t know who told me this cow tip (no pun intended), but I do know that the claim stuck with me and has been right most of the time!  This, of course, sent me into research frenzy. 

One website claimed that cows love to herd together.  If they are spread out, they are confident enough and the day will be nice.  If they are packed together, something is up with the weather.  If they don’t give milk, they are lying down, licking their forefeet, acting restless or stretching their necks, they are trying to let us know rain is on the way.

Another website claims that when a cow waves its tail more, rain is on the way.  Bugs try to lay eggs in their hides when the atmosphere becomes humid; indicating a change in the weather. 

Are these cow assumptions truthful facts or are they tall tales evolving because the groundhog is able to tell predict when warmer weather is on the way?  Living in Minnesota, we know that in early February, no matter if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not, we will be experiencing six more weeks of winter. 

I guess the best answers can come from those who work closely with cows – the farmer.  And I invite farmers to share their background knowledge on cows with us!  Can they predict the weather?

As the clouds rolled in the next morning, and rain pelted our windshield, I couldn’t help but think of those weather predicting cows lying in the pasture earlier in the day.  They could be on to something….

Do you think cows can predict the weather? Do you have an interesting story to share?


Weather, Weird

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