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'Dog of the Year' Award Revealed Thursday, Minn. Mayor-Dog in the Running

He made history when he was elected to lead a Minnesota township. Now, the mayor of Cormorant is running for an even bigger contest.

Dice Breaks Tie for Cook County Board Seat

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A former state lawmaker has won a seat on the Cook County Board in northeastern Minnesota, thanks to a dice tiebreaker.
Former legislator Frank Moe and Kristin Wharton each received 246 votes in last week's election, so the winner was determined by chance.

For 3rd Time, Moorhead Water is 'Best in Glass'

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Raise a toast to Moorhead's drinking water - it's been judged the best-tasting in Minnesota.
Moorhead water was awarded "Best in Glass" this week at the annual convention of the Minnesota chapter of the American Water Works Association in Duluth. It was the third time Moorhead has won the award.

Dog Sworn in as Mayor of Minnesota Town

The village of Cormorant is taking things a step further. Its new mayor is Duke the Dog, a 7-year-old Pyrenees.

Duke was sworn in Saturday morning for his one-year term. He won’t get a salary, but he will get a year’s supply of Kibble for his service.

Cormorant is located about 3 1/2 hours northwest of the Twin Cities, just south of Detroit Lakes.

Austin Man Accused of Driving Go-Kart while Drunk

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Police in Austin have arrested a man for driving drunk in a child's go-kart.
Chief Brian Krueger says an officer nearly hit the man who was driving the battery-powered go-kart on the road. Krueger says the 25-year-old Austin man told the officer he was celebrating the Laotian new year early Sunday.

Doctor Delivers 13 Babies in 24 Hours

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It's a personal record for this St. Cloud obstetrician who has been practicing medicine for 32 years.
Thirteen babies in 24 hours are all in a day's work for Dr. David Kroska. He calls it "spontaneous labor."

Suspect Shaves Head to Evade Authorities

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Police say a man suspected of creating a disturbance with a gun tried to avoid arrest in Duluth by quickly shaving his head to alter his appearance.